Eco-Fashion… What?

In today’s fashion world, diverse trend terms are popping into the vocabulary. But among these, there’s this certain genre that is way different from the ordinary – Eco-Fashion.

So, What is Eco Fashion?

Eco Fashion, also known as earth-friendly fashion, refers to all clothing that have been manufactured without inflicting harm to the environment. This goes on how they meticulously choose the materials to be used in the production of goods.

Speaking of which, Eco fashion uses sustainable resources such as Cotton, Fiber, Hemp, Wool and Bamboo. Such tradition is mainly being practiced in Asia – a continent known as producer of great organic resources. No wonder why people around the globe tend to visit Asian countries like India, Pakistan, Thailand, and Indonesia just to acquire excellent materials made of sustainable resources. You’ll also meet lot of skilled and talented artisans who create artistic yet qualitative products. Kudos to these women who keep the traditional craftsmanship alive.

What’s in it for us?

  • Eco-friendly clothing are designed to be more durable. Therefore, it’s cost-efficient.
  • In addition, it’s healthier for you and me. Clothes without chemical dyes and pesticides? Just perfect.
  • Organic feels good. Sustainable clothing are made of light materials thus it’s more comfortable to wear. Bye allergies.
  • We become a better and more responsible consumer. Should I say more?
  • And a no-brainer, you are basically saving and protecting the planet you are living in. 

To sum up, the result is a better earth… and a prettier closet, for all of us!