Bohemian Lifestyle

When you hear the word “bohemian”, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Is it plainly a fashion genre? Is it living life in an eccentric way? Do you think of artistry? Or is it all about freedom?

Seeking answers to this question, you might already came across with a plethora of descriptions. But if we are to extract the gist of each, what would be the common denominator? Before answering the question, perhaps let’s rundown first the things which show how one lives the bohemian lifestyle:


Bohemians have a positive outlook in life. They like adventures, spontaneity, and fun. Further, they make their own decisions without basing it with conformity. Most importantly, they can never be tamed.



A bohemian’s clothing style always seeks for comfort. You usually see them donning loose garments with notable patterns – a mixture of earth tones & ethnical prints. The overall ensemble wouldn’t be complete without accoutrements. You often see them wearing quirky embellishments such as flower crowns, feather headdresses, stacked necklaces and even nose rings.


Have you tried visiting a bohemian’s sanctuary? Well, their style is rustic. They like incorporating woods to plants. You’ll also see colorful adornments such ethnic-printed pillows and curtains, and idiosyncratic displays like dreamcatchers and bull heads.


Bohemians treasure the Universe. They travel to see the world. Every single journey is like a puzzle piece; it completes them.

Boho is a lifestyle. Bohemians act unconventionally and lead a free-spirited life. And what’s even more interesting? They value creativity, freedom and change.


PS, all images courtesy of Pinterest