Blogger Review: Anakara

As much as I love the top brands in today’s fashion world such as Forever 21, H&M and Topshop, from time to time there is nothing better than searching online and getting to know new retailers that somehow offer something different and fresh to our eyes.  And recently, I was able to come across this lovely bohemian shop from Indonesia, Anakara.

Anakara is a one-stop online shop that offers an eclectic mix of bohemian collection ranging from clothing, accessories, bags, purses and even home decors. Pictures above shows my haul from their collection that I’ve been lusting over: a faux leather sling bag with intricate detailing, and a couple of kimonos with ethnical patterns and colors.

I’ll be sharing some important pointers one must consider whenever shopping online. And everything was my experience with Anakara:

1. Online Hauling

The first step is picking the items you like virtually. If it’s your first time, this might get a little tricky. You have to meticulously gaze at the garments to see very detail. As much as possible, we wanted to see a front, back, side, overview and zoomed image versions of the products. But guess what, Anakara have this for you.

Mostly, their collection are “one size fits fall” and it essentially makes your shopping experience easier.

2. Shipping Time

Since everything was done online, it’s expected that you will be receiving the package after some time. I am from the Philippines and Anakara is based in Indonesia. They shipped the items through local post. Surprisingly, I got the package in about a couple of weeks.

What I like the best about the shipping is they provide it with a tracking number. Thus, you can keep an eye on the package in just a few clicks away.

3. Product Packaging and Quality

So let’s imagine we are unwrapping the parcel at this moment. The packaging of Anakara’s product itself is absolutely pretty – a big box tied with a sheer lace. The packaging will make you feel even more excited to see the goodies inside. This is a big point for me. I love how brands like Anakara make their customers feel like as if they’re opening their birthday presents.

And of course, the most crucial part in deciding whether brand is great or otherwise – the products itself. Does it meet your expectations in terms of quality? And to answer this question, I must say they went beyond my expectations! Every piece looks more stunning in person. Plus, you can say a brand is great when they create stuff out of excellent materials.

For the bag, it’s made of vegan faux leather matched with ethnic pattern fabric. The overall design is so beautiful and I love how the quality levels to it. As for the clothing, wow… just wow. I really praise their choice of fabric. I got two kimonos made of dissimilar fabric. The square kimono is designed using a semi silk material. The fabric is so soft and surprisingly, kind of cool to wear. Yup, you can don it even on a hot sunny day. Whilst the fringe outerwear, it’s a warmth cloth handwoven by artisans in Indonesia. Another plus point, it’s composed of eco-friendly materials.

The bottom line is, Anakara’s products is just way beyond my expectations. From the customer service to the products’ design and quality, they are on top. Looking for a shop that’ll satiate your thirst for bohemian and eco-fashion, then this shop is the answer.